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Good Times with Grimey’s

This year has undoubtedly been a rockin’ one for Nashville’s HeadCount team. Since opportunities to interact with music lovers are as ripe as they come here in Music City, U.S.A., counting heads can be an exercise in strategy and in stamina. “Where should we be, and who can be with us? Granola bar dinner again,…

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It’s All on You, Chris Wallace!

What is going on? We’ve had two debates so far with Hillary Clinton battling Donald Trump. Both debates were filled with name-calling, threats, pointed fingers, and a lot of interruptions. So what was left out? POLICIES. The whole point of a debate is to discuss the differences in policies. The only type of policy debate…

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College Street is our Home Street

Since January I have been lucky enough to see a concert every month at College Street Music Hall, an experience I am able to share with my amazing Connecticut HeadCount volunteers. The venue is located in the great downtown of New Haven, Connecticut. College Street allows HeadCount to set up a table in their lobby…

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HeadCount’s “Soundtrack to History” ft. Everyone Orchestra presented by Magic Hat

Regardless of who wins the Presidency, history will be made on Election Day this year at our “Soundtrack to History,” concert presented by Magic Hat Brewing Company. As the polls begin to close on Tuesday November 8th, and election results are revealed on the giant video screens at Brooklyn Bowl in New York City, Everyone…

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Interview: Brian Baker of Bad Religion and Minor Threat

Brian Baker is an outspoken punk rock musician. He is best known as one of the founding members of hardcore punk band, Minor Threat, and as a guitarist in Bad Religion since 1994. At our invitation, Brian Baker sat down with us for an engaging interview where he holds no punches while discussing the 2016 election,…

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Love, Hate & Voter Registration in Times Square

Behind every voter registration, there’s a story. HeadCount registered over 10,000 voters yesterday, National Voter Registration Day. We did it by unleashing the power of hundreds of musicians and comedians on social media, and hundreds of volunteers hitting the streets in 51 cities around America. But I want to tell the story of just one…

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National Voter Registration Day 2016

On Tuesday, September 27th, in support of National Voter Registration Day, over 200 musicians, celebrities and comedians are participating in a social media and digital campaign organized we organized to help register voters. With the deadline to register to vote looming in early October in many states, entertainers such as Stephen Colbert, Mac Miller, Kathy…

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Now You Can Register To Vote Via Text Message!

Today, HeadCount announced that hundreds of our partner musicians will help roll out “HelloVote,” a new technology that allows anyone to register to vote via text message or Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is text “COUNT” to 384-387 to start registering. More than 200 musicians including Mac Miller, Wilco, Panic! At the Disco,…

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Rocking the Homestretch at The Ritz in Raleigh

In 12 years of working with HeadCount, I’ve gotten used to seeing great things happen based on relationships. Usually you hear about the great successes and opportunities from relationships with our national partners, amazing board members, artists, and leaders in the music world. But for me the true magic happens on the grassroots level. As…

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Interview: Emily Saliers of Indigo Girls

The Indigo Girls are a Grammy Award-winning folk rock duo composed of Emily Saliers and Amy Ray, who first met each other in elementary school just outside of Decatur, Georgia. For over 30 years, Sailiers and Ray have teamed up to make great music and raise awareness of issues they care deeply about. At our…

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