By Lee Van Put on May 2, 2024

We are so excited to announce that we are merging with I am a voter. I am a voter. (IAAV) is a fellow nonpartisan group creating a cultural shift around voting and civic engagement, and today we are bringing them into the HeadCount family to strengthen voter participation through the sharing of resources, expertise, and…

HeadCount wins the Puffin Prize for Creative Citizenship

By Lee Van Put on April 25, 2024

We’re honored to announce that Type Media Center has chosen HeadCount as the 2023 recipient of the Puffin Prize for Creative Citizenship! Sponsored by The Puffin Foundation and Type Media Center, the award is given annually to “an individual or organization who has challenged the status quo through distinctive, courageous, imaginative, and socially responsible work…

Understanding Redistricting: How It Shapes Our Democracy

By Lee Van Put on February 14, 2024

Every few years redistricting impacts where and how our communities vote… Read more to learn about the in’s and out’s of this critical aspect of democracy.

Pre-Registration FAQs: Get Ready to Exercise Your Right to Vote!

By Lee Van Put on

In many states, you do not have to wait until you turn 18 in order to participate in politics! Pre-registration is one of the ways in which 16 and 17 year olds can get ready to vote. Read more to learn how pre-registration works in your state!

Why Voting is Important: Your Voice Matters

By Lee Van Put on

From the president to our city councilmembers and everything in between, our vote is a critical way to use our voice to impact our communities. We dive into the nuances of why it’s important to use your voice at the ballot box!

20 Candles for HeadCount

By Lee Van Put on February 13, 2024

2024 marks 20 years of HeadCount! Our official birthdate is February 13, 2004 — so yes, that makes us an Aquarius double Scorpio (think what you want). In 2004, everyone was a volunteer, running the organization in between full-time jobs. This Rolling Stone article from 2004 had us hoping to register 100,000 voters before the…

Meet our artist partner, Sacred Fire Arts

By Aziza Genglik on February 7, 2024

Michael O’Neal, fondly called “Dig” – and we do indeed dig him and what he does – has spent decades as a highly sought-after tattoo artist in Arizona. More recently, he shifted his focus from crafting stories on flesh to narrating tales on guitars through Pyrography. This ancient art form adorns wood or other materials…

2023 Impact Report

By Lee Van Put on

Unless it’s  your first time here (and if so — hi! Welcome! We get music fans involved with democracy and have a good time doing it), you’re probably familiar with us and the work we do. If you’ve seen us at your hometown venue or at a stop on an epic tour, you may not…

Reflecting on a 20 Year Adventure

By Lee Van Put on December 21, 2023

Just over 20 years ago, I was deeply troubled about the state of the world and kind of had a crisis moment. I sat at my desk and told myself to stop complaining and do something about it. A brief inner brainstorm resulted in the idea that became HeadCount.  Two decades later, we have registered…

Welcome Lucille Wenegieme, our new Executive Director!

By Lee Van Put on September 14, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Lucille Wenegieme has been named HeadCount’s next executive director! Lucille, a 32-year-old first-generation Nigerian-American, spent the majority of her professional career as a champion of democracy and will bring a new energy and perspective to our work. “The world is changing and the next election won’t be decided by the traditional political…