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HeadCount Rockin Road Trip to NH

As the leading non-profit organization that registers voters at concerts, HeadCount wanted to know what young people in New Hampshire really thought about the candidates as the primary approached. So we road tripped to the Granite State, to capture the energy of the primaries and interview young people volunteering for campaigns, attending rallies, or just…


HeadCount is Grassroots California’s Charity of the Month for February

Grassroots California is a progressive clothing line that makes high quality merchandise, at affordable prices, all done here in the United States. I for one LOVE their creative and unique lines of flat brim hats, both fitted and snapbacks. In fact in 2014 Grassroots California and HeadCount collaborated to create the iconic “#GoVote” hat that…

Paul Simon and Chevy Chase

The Road to 2016: Music Video Edition

Bernie Sanders dropped a music video/campaign ad to Simon and Garfunkel’s “America” and people love it. Personally I think Paul Simon’s video for “You Can Call Me Al” featuring Chevy Chase is more entertaining. Yes, it’s nice to see a political ad with uplifting music, no negativity, and shots of Americans working and living together….

Derek Jeter and President George W. Bush

The Road to 2016: Baseball and Momentum

It is hard not to view campaign politics through the lens of sports. There are winners. There are losers. There are TV pundits who have no clue what they are talking about. And there are 24 hour TV stations dedicated to both. I would love to be the brilliant writer that came up with a…

Jay-Z New York Values

Here Are My ‘New York Values’

“I think most people know exactly what ‘New York values’ are… the values in New York City are socially liberal, are pro-abortion, are pro-gay-marriage, focused around money and the media.” – Ted Cruz ‘New York Values,’ What could that mean? I think in some ways, Ted Cruz is right, New York has distinct values. I’d say…

9:30 Club Washington DC

DC’s 9:30 Club Celebrates a Double Anniversary

As the 9:30 Club celebrates 35 years in DC and 20 years at its current location, our DC Volunteer Team Leader Chris Reed reflects back on his 12 years of attending shows at this legendary DC venue The music scene in DC begins and ends at Nightclub 9:30 (also known as the 9:30 Club to…


Donald vs. Bill: A Sexism Smackdown

Every week in 2016, HeadCount will throw a short update your way on the Presidential campaign named “The Road to 2016.” Here’s the fourth installment: REPUBLICANS The news cycle always slows down a bit around Christmas, which probably benefits those currently in the lead like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The biggest news came from the…