About HeadCount

HeadCount is a non-partisan organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy.

What does HeadCount do?

We stage voter registration drives at concerts and run programs that translate the power of music into real action. By reaching young people and music fans where they already are – at concerts and online – we make civic participation easy and fun. To get a real sense of who we are, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What has HeadCount pulled off already?

We’ve registered about 500,000 voters since 2004, and built a huge network of 20,000 volunteers nationwide. You’ll find us at more live music events than any non-profit in the world. But it doesn’t end there. We run “Participation Row” social action villages at major festivals and tours, creating an interactive experience around causes and raising over $1 million for various other organizations. We’ve produced themed concerts, network TV public service announcements, and award-winning digital media campaigns starring the likes of Jay-Z, Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam and members of The Grateful Dead. A list of our most popular projects can be found here.

How does HeadCount work?

HeadCount is a giant team effort between musicians, concert promoters, and volunteers. We have street teams in most major cities, and affiliations with over 100 touring musicians including Dave Matthews Band, JAY-Z, Wilco, Phish, and the Dixie Chicks, just to name a few. Whenever they play a concert in a major city, our street teams are there registering voters. All over the country, almost every night of the week, our volunteers are at live music events registering voters and rallying other music fans to take control of our democracy. We also work directly with many festivals, concert venues and partners to help extend our reach. At some events we have an even larger presence, running “Participation Row” social action villages or managing philanthropic programs that help music fans give back to their surrounding communities.

Who makes it happen?

Our board of directors includes Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead and many music and political heavyweights. They oversee a small full-time staff based in New York City. But the engine of HeadCount is really volunteers. Thousands of amazing people, coast-to-coast, forming a unique and tight-knit community of socially-conscious music fans. Check out our Who’s Who page to see their photos, bios and words.

What do HeadCount volunteers do?

Some register voters at concerts. Others go a step further and take on leadership roles. What we’re most proud of is that our volunteers consistently get noticed for their outstanding work ethic and abilities. More than two dozen have landed full-time jobs with some of our partners! And all our volunteers get to see lots of shows and meet cool people who share a love of music and democracy. Visit our volunteer page or opportunities page if you’d like to join the team!

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