Trusted Voting Partners and Resources

HeadCount recognizes that it’s not possible to be experts in every corner of the democracy world, which is where our incredible friends in the voting space come in! These organizations and resources are all critically important to ensuring we have a healthy democracy.

Friends in the Culture and Impact Space

Friends in the Democracy Space

Government Voting Resources (Federal)

Nonpartisan Information (candidate guides, election resources)

Digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections, aiming to inform people about politics at all levels of government.

Voting after a Felony Conviction

Defends individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution through litigation, lobbying, and community education.

Voting Overseas (military, living abroad, etc.)

Federal resources about having your voice and vote heard while traveling abroad during an election.

Resources that assist military and overseas citizens in participating in elections through voter registration, ballot casting, and information services.

Comprehensive voter information and services, including registration, ballot requests, and election dates for U.S. voters.

Voter registration support and education on how U.S. voters living abroad can participate in federal elections.

Register to Vote