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We get people registered to vote and interested in democracy. We're at concerts, festivals, community events — anywhere we can translate the power of music and culture into real action.

Register voters at concerts and community events with HeadCount. Meet cool people, see great music, and change the world one voter at a time.

Upcoming Events & Concerts

These are just a few of our upcoming events and concerts. We register and engage voters at hundreds of events nationwide.  

NBA - Washington Wizards vs. LA Lakers
Dec 04
Capital One Arena // Washington, DC
NHL - Washington Capitals vs. Seattle Kraken
Dec 09
Capital One Arena // Washington, DC
NBA - Washington Wizards vs. LA Clippers
Dec 10
Capital One Arena // Washington, DC
Juilliard Blueprint Bridge Fellowship Concert
Dec 11
National Sawdust // Brooklyn, NY
NBA - Washington Wizards vs. Brooklyn Nets
Dec 12
Capital One Arena // Washington, DC
Billie Eilish
Dec 13
Kia Forum // Inglewood, CA

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Current Projects

We are teaming up with artists, influencers, brands and cultural leaders to hold fun sweepstakes to make sure we are all good to vote in 2022.

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Vote With Pride educates and provides tools for the LGBTQ+ community. We help voters and potential voters get registered, check their status, and navigate a range of issues that many transgender and non-binary people face when trying to vote.

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Headcount Blog

Thirst Dies; Democracy Lives

In 2021, Georgia passed a law that made it illegal to hand out water within 150 feet of a polling place in the state of Georgia. So we’ve teamed up with Liquid Death to hand out water all over the state – just about everywhere except at polling places. With each can we also hand…

150,000 voters registered

HeadCount has registered 150,00 voters this year! Congress is up for grabs this midterm election. 35 Senate seats and the entire House Of Representatives are on the ballot – and these are the people that will write and pass our federal laws. There are also 36 governors and countless state legislators up for election –…

Did you hear? Congress is up for grabs!

It’s September, marking the end of summer, back to school for some, the return of pumpkin spice lattes, tailgates, planning Halloween costumes  – and most importantly, time to get ready to vote on November 8th!  If your fall is looking as busy as mine, please stop reading now and request a mail-in ballot for this election immediately. Or,…

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