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    Apr. 29 | Seattle

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    Apr. 29 | New York

  • Bassnectar

    Apr. 29 | Atlantic City

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Participation Row

HeadCount organizes “Participation Row” social-action villages and charity auctions at major live music events, with help from sponsors Qello and Clean Energy Advisors.

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Capitol Community Auctions

The Capitol Community Fund is a HeadCount project that sends area teachers to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum to receive curriculum training on how to bring music history into classrooms, emphasizing the interplay between popular music and activism.

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Tweet directly @ Congress. Pick a topic, enter your zip, and type your message. #SoundOff sends the message to your House Rep or Senators on the issues that matter to you.

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The Latest from HeadCount

Participation Row and Okeechobee: A Perfect Match

The first ever Participation Row social action village at the Okeechobee Music Festival was a tremendous success! This year’s Okeechobee Fest saw performances from Bassnectar, Solange, Usher, The Roots, Kings of Leon and GRiZ in addition to hosting Participation Row in the interactive ChobeeWobee village. The Row was organized by us at HeadCount and Clean…

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Stay Woke with HeadCount

2017 marks a year of record civic engagement. More people than ever before are paying attention to politics; millions have already started marching, rallying, and contacting their elected officials. In the midst of all this energy there have been a lot of questions about whether “activism fatigue” will eventually set in or whether we can capture this energy…

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