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We get people registered to vote and interested in democracy. We're at concerts, festivals, community events — anywhere we can translate the power of music and culture into real action.

Register voters at concerts, festivals and community events with HeadCount. Meet new friends, see great music, and change the world one voter at a time.

Upcoming Events & Concerts

These are just a few of our upcoming events and concerts. We register and engage voters at hundreds of events nationwide.  

Bianca Del Rio
Apr 20
The Theatre at Ace Hotel // Los Angeles, CA
Broadway Celebrates Earth Day
Apr 20
Times Square // New York, NY
GrammyU Conference
Apr 20
The Times Center // New York, NY
Hannah Berner
Apr 20
Capitol Theatre - Port Chester // Port Chester, NY
Holi @ California School for the Deaf
Apr 20
California School for the Deaf // Fremont, CA
Myths & Legends Gaybingo
Apr 20
Station 4 - Dallas // Dallas, TX

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Current Projects

We team up with artists, influencers, brands and cultural leaders to hold fun sweepstakes to make sure we are all good to vote.

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Save The Vote! educates and empowers voters to speak up for democracy and elections that are fair, accessible, and trustworthy for all voters.

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Vote With Pride educates and provides tools for the LGBTQ+ community. We help voters and potential voters get registered, check their status, and navigate a range of issues that many transgender and non-binary people face when trying to vote.

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Interested in working with one of the country’s most active grassroots civic participation organizations?

Headcount Updates

20 Candles for HeadCount

2024 marks 20 years of HeadCount! Our official birthdate is February 13, 2004 — so yes, that makes us an Aquarius double Scorpio (think what you want). In 2004, everyone was a volunteer, running the organization in between full-time jobs. This Rolling Stone article from 2004 had us hoping to register 100,000 voters before the…

Meet our artist partner, Sacred Fire Arts

Michael O’Neal, fondly called “Dig” – and we do indeed dig him and what he does – has spent decades as a highly sought-after tattoo artist in Arizona. More recently, he shifted his focus from crafting stories on flesh to narrating tales on guitars through Pyrography. This ancient art form adorns wood or other materials…

2023 Impact Report

Unless it’s  your first time here (and if so — hi! Welcome! We get music fans involved with democracy and have a good time doing it), you’re probably familiar with us and the work we do. If you’ve seen us at your hometown venue or at a stop on an epic tour, you may not…

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