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  • Dixie Chicks

    Aug. 28 | Minneapolis

  • Slightly Stoopid

    Aug. 28 | Detroit

  • The Head and The Heart

    Aug. 28 | Denver

  • Dave Matthews Band

    Aug. 29 | San Francisco

  • Jackson Browne

    Aug. 29 | San Diego

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Participation Row

HeadCount organizes “Participation Row” social-action villages and charity auctions at major live music events, with help from sponsors Qello and Clean Energy Advisors.

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Capitol Community Auctions

The Capitol Community Fund is a HeadCount project that sends area teachers to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum to receive curriculum training on how to bring music history into classrooms, emphasizing the interplay between popular music and activism.

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Tweet directly @ Congress. Pick a topic, enter your zip, and type your message. #SoundOff sends the message to your House Rep or Senators on the issues that matter to you.

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The Latest from HeadCount

If the Thunder Don’t Get Ya, this signed Lightning Bolt Guitar Will!

This is a huge year for HeadCount and here’s a fun way to make it even bigger and better… This week we’re holding an online auction for a rare D’Angelico “Lightning Bolt” guitar signed by Bob Weir, John Mayer and every member of Dead & Co. This is the only one of its kind being…

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Empowering our Neighbors: Whether they Have a House or Not

To those of you who have filled out a voter registration form the process may seem pretty simple. Check a box that you’re a citizen, you’re over 18, your name, and… your address. For 2% of my hometown of DC’s population, filling in a permanent address is not that simple. This 2% represents the number…

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