Who’s Who

National Leadership

Andy Bernstein

Executive Director

Laurie Lenninger

Managing Director

Tim Bramlette

Director of Partnership Marketing

Kim Selig

Field Director

Mollie Farrell

Director of Artist Relations

Aaron Ghitelman

Director of Communications

Ivy Bryan

Project Coordinator

Jamie Huntsman

Art Director

Tappan Vickery

Director of Voter Engagement

Jackie Lopez

Diversity & Community Coordinator

Sarah Frankel

Marketing Coordinator

Greg Sarafan

Training Coordinator

Keara Murray

Executive Assistant

Sam D’Arcangelo

Director of Cannabis Voter Project

Emilia Tineo

Diversity and Community Field Fellow

Navjot Kaur

Diversity and Community Field Fellow

Whitt Bell

Touring Coordinator

Jacob Geskin

Venue Residency Manager

DJ Fuhrman

Artist Relations Assistant

Sophie Hamlin

Music & Politics Intern

Gabrielle Davis

Music & Politics Intern

Justin Von den Steinen

Music & Politics Intern

Brittani Bacchus

Music & Politics Intern

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