Meet our artist partner, Sacred Fire Arts

Michael O'Neal, fondly called "Dig" - and we do indeed dig him and what he does - has spent decades as a highly sought-after tattoo artist in Arizona. More recently, he shifted his focus from crafting stories on flesh to narrating tales on guitars through Pyrography.

This ancient art form adorns wood or other materials with intricate burn marks that are carefully produced with the controlled application of a heated implement. Sacred Fire Arts fuses detailed craftsmanship with music-inspired creative collaborations with our sponsor D’Angelico Guitars.

Bonus for us, Dig not only possesses remarkable talent but also dedicates himself to social justice activism and the protection of constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. Throughout his life, he has been an advocate, encouraging individuals to actively engage in civic participation by attending city council and legislative meetings, and exercising their right to vote at both local and national levels.

At HeadCount, we feel fortunate to have Dig as our artist partner. His donated talents and service to our mission have helped us raise over half a million dollars for not just our cause but our partnering nonprofits Why Hunger, Reverb, Lookingout Foundation and Nature Conservancy. Sacred Fire - D’Angelico Guitars have been displayed on charity auction tables at Dead & Company, Brandi Carlile and Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds shows.