Welcome Lucille Wenegieme, our new Executive Director!

We're thrilled to announce that Lucille Wenegieme has been named HeadCount's next executive director! Lucille, a 32-year-old first-generation Nigerian-American, spent the majority of her professional career as a champion of democracy and will bring a new energy and perspective to our work.

“The world is changing and the next election won’t be decided by the traditional political apparatus. Millennials and Gen Z now make up nearly half of eligible voters, and we can’t be reached through traditional media buys and direct mail. We respond to authentic messages from trusted messengers, and that’s where HeadCount has always been a leader.”

Before joining HeadCount Lucille served on the executive team at Denver's Clerk & Recorder Office, which oversees all elections in Denver. Her accomplishments include spearheading a citizen-led campaign finance system and pioneering a groundbreaking cannabis-themed get-out-the-vote initiative. Lucille also served as Vice President of Communications at the influential National Vote at Home Institute and ran her own communications firm, following an earlier career stop in fashion at luxury retailer, Coach, Inc.

Her predecessor Andy Bernstein will step back from day-to-day operations starting next year, but is still going to be a huge part of the HeadCount family and assume the title of "Founder & Senior Advisor."

"When we started this organization 20 years ago, I was young, fired up and determined to change the world. I’m still two of those things, and while I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished, I’m also unbelievably excited to see what HeadCount can do under fresh and visionary new leadership,” said Bernstein, “Lucille is a rising star and she represents all the promise of the generation we aim to mobilize.”

We're so excited to have Lucille on board and can't wait to see what HeadCount will achieve under her leadership!