2023 Impact Report

Unless it's  your first time here (and if so — hi! Welcome! We get music fans involved with democracy and have a good time doing it), you're probably familiar with us and the work we do. If you've seen us at your hometown venue or at a stop on an epic tour, you may not know just how much we get done every year. In 2023, we registered more than 78,000 people to vote, and nearly 240,000 people used our tools to check their voter registration status, request their ballot or contact their elected officials.

So we present to you our 2023 Impact Report: the definitive tally of all the events, digital activations, sweepstakes, festivals and more where HeadCount has registered voters and encouraged participation in democracy. Here are the highlights: 

It’s Nice To Have A Friend

Our impact would not be possible without the hard work and passion of our incredible network of volunteers nationwide, and last year we welcomed over 9,500 new volunteers! Being in person with fellow music fans is HeadCount’s bread and butter, and last year our volunteers registered voters at over 1,200 events including concerts, festivals, community events and — for the first time — professional sports. Their dedication allowed us to expand into new verticals and community spaces, make big updates to our tech and user experience, work with new festivals and artists, and attend hundreds of Major League Baseball games!

Behind The Music

We registered voters at more than 845 concerts last year through the help of our many touring artist partners. Beyond live shows, we worked with artists across genres including Mitski and Tessa Violet to run sweepstakes that reward fans with prizes like flyaways, front row seats and signed merch. We also welcomed over 50 new supportive artist partners to our roster including Allison Russell, boygenius, FINNEAS (pictured above), Chappell Roan and Noah Kahan, and we ran unique and exciting fundraisers thanks to the generosity of artists like Dead & Co and Phish. We’re filled with gratitude toward all of the artists we’ve worked with who support our mission in so many ways!

Every Voter Counts

HeadCount hit some remarkable milestones in 2023, and we’re immensely grateful to our staff, volunteers, partners, donors and supporters like you. After thousands of hours of playlists, miles on the road, and voters registered, we’re preparing for our busiest year ever. Maybe you’ve heard — there’s a Presidential election this year! Beyond that, young folks across the country will vote for 34 new senator seats, the entire House of Representatives, 11 governors, 44 state legislatures and decide countless local elections. This election cycle we’ve set a number of goals to expand our reach and make our work even more significant including our main goal of registering 520,000 people. Together we can make a difference!!