Voter ID
in Arkansas

Many states now require Voter ID at the polls in order to vote. Find out your state's ID requirements so you know what to bring with you to cast your ballot.

Do all voters need ID?

ID required for first time voters?

ID required when voting absentee?

Acceptable ID Types for Arkansas

Arkansas voters need to show ID at the polls to vote. ID must include name of voter and have a photo. If the ID is expired, it can be expired no more than 4 years prior to the election day. All valid forms of ID should be issued by the United States, the state of Arkansas, or an accredited post-secondary institution in the state of Arkansas. Valid forms of identification include;

  • Arkansas driver’s license
  • Arkansas photo identification card
  • Arkansas concealed handgun carry license
  • US passport
  • State or federal government employee identification
  • US military identification
  • Student ID/employee ID card from an accredited post-secondary institution in Arkansas
  • Public assistance ID card
  • Voter Verification Card

Voter ID & Voting By Mail

First time voters must submit ID when voting by mail.

ID is required with application to vote by mail.

Arkansas requires a valid photo ID for in person voting and vote by mail.  When voting by mail, include a copy of your valid photo ID with your return your ballot. Info here on what qualifies for photo ID.

ID submitted with the ballot must include:

  • Voter's name
  • Voter's photo
  • Be issued by the state of Arkansas or an accredited post-secondary institution in Arkansas
  • If the expiration date is visible, the ID can not be expired more than four years past the election date

What happens when you go to vote without an ID

You can vote using a provisional ballot. The provisional ballot will be counted if the voter completes a sworn statement saying they are the registered voter on file.

Trans and Non-Binary Voters

Click here for state specific information for updating your ID and voter registration.

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