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By Tappan Vickery on July 2, 2021

Voting rights are under attack in the United States. In almost half of the U.S., states have enacted new laws restricting access to the vote, and they’ll continue to roll back voting rights if we don’t stop them. This is a fight that must be won at home – which is why we are asking…

Time To Vote – song by Lawrence

By chrism on October 30, 2020

New York’s soul-pop duo Lawrence recently released an oh-so-sweet, toe-tapping song about voting! Watch the lyric video, created by California designer Jason Malmberg, sing along, and then gather your squad to vote on Election Day November 3rd. As the song says, It’s time (It’s time) To vote (To vote) So get ready to go to…

Finding my way back to the garden with John Prine

By Tappan Vickery on April 8, 2020

When I was a senior in high school I had a dear friend tragically die after being hit by a car in Tuscaloosa, AL. My friend, Ed, was a church camp friend from Montgomery, and our group of friends was spread out all over the state of Alabama. Our age, early exposure to spirituality, racing…