Voting rights are under attack in the United States. In almost half of the U.S., states have enacted new laws restricting access to the vote, and they'll continue to roll back voting rights if we don’t stop them. This is a fight that must be won at home - which is why we are asking you to take action in your state to Save The Vote!

That's why we have launched Save The Vote! a national state-by-state campaign to make some noise about voting rights. Now it's time for you to #SAVETHEVOTE.  And don’t worry - we make this easy, easier than ordering a pizza!

Check it out and play a game to see where your state ranks for how easy (or hard) it is to vote. We are also breaking down key 2021 laws that may make it harder (or easier!) to vote in your state. You can also learn how voting rights impact issues like racism, the economy, criminal justice and LGBTQ+ rights.

Remember, your elected reps WORK FOR YOU, and they want your votes. So when they know you’re watching and you speak out, they’ll think twice about messing with democracy. You have the power to #SAVETHEVOTE.