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HeadCount is adding Team Leaders all across the country. Team Leaders are the heart and soul of HeadCount, and are the people most responsible for registering thousands of voters at concerts. They represent the organization any time a HeadCount-affiliated artist appears in the team’s metropolitan area. This means organizing and scheduling teams of volunteers (using HeadCount’s Intranet database), training new volunteers, and managing the entire process of setting up a voter registration table at an event. It also involves directly interfacing with staff at local concert venues and tour production crews from our affiliated bands. Team Leaders must be reliable, professional, and good communicators. Most of all, they need to inspire volunteers to work together toward a common goal. If you love music and consider yourself a natural leader, this may be the position for you.

This is considered a volunteer position, but Team Leaders are eligible for a yearly performance-based stipend of up to $1,000.


  • Strong work ethic, maturity and sense of accountability
  • Flexible schedule allowing them to be on site at concerts before doors open
  • Natural leadership ability
  • Commitment to following protocol
  • Relevant leadership experience

To apply, please register as a volunteer by clicking HERE and be sure to check off that you are interested in a leadership position. In addition, email a brief cover letter and resume under the subject line “Team Leader” to [email protected].

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