When and How to Register to Vote

I have messy handwriting. Can my friend fill out my form for me and then I’ll sign it?

By Laurie Lenninger on February 3, 2016

Laws vary by state, but in some states anyone who assists in filling out voter registration forms must also sign and date the form and provide contact info. Because the laws vary, we suggest people fill out their own form.

The registration form asks for information that I’m uncertain about. Should I take my best guess or leave it blank?

By Laurie Lenninger on

You should complete all required sections of the voter registration form to the best of your ability. The problem with leaving portions of the form blank is that there are different rules in different states regarding what is a complete form and how to treat incomplete forms. You also have to attest to the truthfulness…

How do I register to vote for my state’s presidential primary or caucus?

By Laurie Lenninger on

It depends. Some states hold open primaries that are open to all registered voters, others hold closed primaries that require you are pre-registered with the party some time before the general voter registration deadline, and still others will allow unaffiliated voters to select a party on election or caucus day. The best way to ensure…

Can I register to vote online?

By Laurie Lenninger on

In some states, YES. An increasing number of states allow you to register online if you have a driver’s license or non-driver’s ID card issued by the state. In all other states, if the form is available online, you will still need to print it out and send it in to the state election office…

I’m trying to register through your website, but I don’t have a printer to print out the form. What should I do?

By Laurie Lenninger on

If you don’t have a friend who can print it out for you, many libraries have printers available. Some also have pre-printed voter registration forms. You can also register at any DMV or election office. The number for your state election office is here – they can tell you where to find a local office.

I know that I’ve registered to vote before, but I can’t remember where I lived. Should I register as a “New Registration”/”New Voter” or should I register as a “Change Of Address” and leave the previous address section blank?

By clara on April 12, 2012

Indicate that it is a change of address, and provide as much information about the old address as you can remember (such as city and zip code if possible). If you cannot remember any information, fill in “can’t remember” in the address box if it asks for one. Links to all state election websites can…

Why do they ask for my phone number? Can it be my cell number?

By clara on

Phone numbers are used to contact a registrant if there is a problem with information on their registration form and can also be used for Get Out the Vote efforts. A cell phone number is just fine.

Why does it ask for my social security number when registering to vote? I don’t want to give that out.

By clara on

SSN is only required in most states if you do not have a current in-state driver’s license or state-issued ID. And then you only need to put the last 4 digits of the SSN. In HI, KY, NM, SC, TN and VA, you should provide your full social security number. Social security numbers are used…

When is the deadline to register to vote?

By clara on

Generally 20-30 days prior to any election. However this varies by state and may also vary depending on whether you mail in your application or deliver it in person. To find specific information regarding your state’s registration deadlines, visit your state’s election website or the HeadCount Dates and Deadlines page. Registration deadlines for primary elections can also…

I just got married and changed my last name. Should I re-register?

By clara on

YES. You should register a “change of name” form while filling out a voter registration application here. This is a part of the voter registration form in most states and on the national form. For Election Day you should bring along your ID with your new name and address, or your old name and address and…