Author: Chris Reed

Registering Voters at A Naturalization Ceremony

On November 5, I had the opportunity to register voters at two naturalization ceremonies in Manassas, VA. While these ceremonies represented an inspirational day away from the office for me, many of the naturalization candidates had been waiting years or decades for this moment.  The path to naturalization is difficult and confusing, to say the…

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An Interview With Dave Morgan, Founder of RecycleLife

In a year when all eyes are on the men and women running for president and the nation’s attention is fixed on topics such as building a wall and fighting terror, we tend to lose sight of topics that surpass political boundaries. Through our participation at festivals and coordinating various non-profit villages at events across…

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DC’s 9:30 Club Celebrates a Double Anniversary

As the 9:30 Club celebrates 35 years in DC and 20 years at its current location, our DC Volunteer Team Leader Chris Reed reflects back on his 12 years of attending shows at this legendary DC venue The music scene in DC begins and ends at Nightclub 9:30 (also known as the 9:30 Club to…

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America’s Front Yard, The National Mall

At least once a week, during my commute to work, I hear the following conversation: Tourist: Where are we going? Local guide: We are going to the Mall. Tourist: Why are we to a mall? I want to see the memorials. Local guide: Yes, we are going to THE MALL – the giant park with…

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A Humble Bonnaroovian Adventure

Bonnaroo 2014 wasn’t just about Kanye. For us, it was also about our amazing partners iCitizen, yoga at dawn, democracy on The Farm, and the musicians who brought their A game.

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Inside the Shutdown: Week 3 – The End is Nigh (Supposedly)!

Our D.C. team leader updates us on what it’s like to be furloughed, waiting, and unsure of what comes next, and calls on Americans to take on the responsibility of electing representatives that won’t let this happen again.

Inside the Shutdown: Week 2 Begins

As the second week of the government shutdown begins, our D.C. team leader reflects on how this looks to a seasoned federal employee, and what it’s like to live in a city that “seems to be in chaos.”

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Inside the Shutdown: Day 2

Our D.C. Team Leader fears the worst as he digs in for what could be a very long furlough, and offers insight as to how this shutdown is — and isn’t — affecting public opinion.

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Inside the Shutdown: Day 1

Our D.C. Team Leader, a furloughed government employee, takes us inside the government shutdown — and what it means to those affected.

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An Epic Bonnaroovian Adventure

What do you do when government sequestration gets you down? For me, the answer was simple. Head to Bonnaroo! Due to government cuts at my day job, my entire agency required all of its employees to take a week of unpaid leave this year. Rather than lay around on my couch and sulk about my…