What kind of ID do I need to vote?

A full list of each state’s ID requirements can be found here.

You may have been hearing about photo IDs. Many states currently require or request photo ID, but each one asks for something different. So please see our interactive map for the specifics on your state.

Student IDs are accepted in all but a few states that require ID. A map of which states accept what forms of Student ID can be found here. Please note that Student IDs may need to meet other requirements (like having an unexpired expiration date) to be acceptable, details here.

If you have concerns, it is a good idea to call your state election office. Also, if you have ID that is easily accessible, we recommend always bringing the best ID you have to the polls and proof of address like a utility bill, bank statement or pay stub.

Regardless of individual state voter ID laws, Federal law says that anyone who is voting for the first time in a given voting district may be required to show proof of residency. So it’s smart to bring proof of residence like a utility bill, paystub or rental agreement if you’re new to town. This specifically applies to anyone who registered by mail or through a third party organization (like a campaign or non-profit) and whose ID number could not be verified by the state.

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