Voter ID
in Wisconsin

Many states now require Voter ID at the polls in order to vote. Find out your state's ID requirements so you know what to bring with you to cast your ballot.

Do all voters need ID?

ID required for first time voters?

ID required when voting absentee?

Acceptable ID Types for Wisconsin

Wisconsin voters must show ID at the polls to vote. All forms of ID must have name and photo. Valid forms of identification include;

  • Wisconsin driver's license, can be expired since the most recent general election
  • Wisconsin state ID card, can be expired since the most recent general election
  • US Military ID card, can be expired since the most recent general election
  • US Passport, can be expired since the most recent general election
  • Veteran Affairs Card- must be unexpired or have no expiration date
  • Wisconsin Tribal ID card- can be current or expired
  • Certificate of Naturalization- issued within 2 years of voting
  • Wisconsin accredited college ID with signature, expires within 2 years of issuance date. Must also bring proof of enrollment if the ID is expired since the most recent general election
  • DMV receipt

More info on acceptable voter IDs can be found here.

Voter ID Details

Click here to find out how you can get an ID for free in Wisconsin.



Voter ID & Voting By Mail

First time voters must submit ID when voting by mail.

ID is required with application to vote by mail.

Wisconsin voters must show valid photo ID when voting in person. Info here on what qualifies.

If it is your first time voting by mail, include a copy of your valid photo ID with your absentee ballot application. When the you submit the ballot by-mail you do not need to submit ID, but you must have one adult witness sign the absentee certificate envelope and provide their address.

Indefinitely confined voters, confidential voters, and military/permanent overseas voters do not need to give photo ID with absentee ballot request form.

What happens when you go to vote without an ID

You can vote using a provisional ballot.  For ballot to be counted, voter must provide a valid photo ID to their polling location before the polls close on Election Day, or by 4 pm on the Friday following the election at their municipal clerk's office.

Trans and Non-Binary Voters

Click here for state specific information for updating your ID and voter registration.

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