Voter ID
in Louisiana

Many states now require Voter ID at the polls in order to vote. Find out your state's ID requirements so you know what to bring with you to cast your ballot.

Do all voters need ID?

ID required for first time voters?

ID required when voting absentee?

Acceptable ID Types for Louisiana

Voters ins Louisiana must show acceptable photo ID to vote at the polls

  • Driver’s license or state ID, from any state with a generally recognizable photo, voter name, and signature
  • Louisiana Special ID card
  • Student ID
    • If it contains a photo, name and signature
  • Any generally recognized picture I.D. that contains your name and signature
  • Digital license via LA Wallet smartphone app

Voter ID Details

If voter has none of the above, they may sign an affidavit and include birth date and mother's maiden name and vote a regular ballot. If voting by mail, the voter will need to provide some documentation when submitting the request for the absentee ballot request.  

  • If voter is disabled or homebound in a nursing home or veteran home see the disability application for Absentee By Mail Ballot for ID requirements.
  • If voter is a student and first time voter they must enclose a copy of their student ID or term bill
  • If voter expects to be hospitalized, they must enclose proof of hospitalization
  • If voter is incarcerated, they must enclose a certification by the sheriff
  • If you are a juror who expects to be on jury duty during the early voting period and on election day, the voter must enclose a certified copy of a court order

Voter ID & Voting By Mail

First time voters must submit ID when voting by mail.

ID is required with completed mail-in ballot.

Louisiana voters must show valid photo ID when voting in person. Info here on what qualifies. Submit a copy of your valid photo ID with your absentee ballot application. No ID needs to be sent with the actual ballot, but the signature will need to match the signature on the voter registration form.

What happens when you go to vote without an ID

You can vote using a provisional ballot.

Trans and Non-Binary Voters

Click here for state specific information for updating your ID and voter registration.

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