How can I volunteer again?

By Emily Gibbs on October 5, 2019

Visit and sign up for another show. You also can stay in touch directly with your Team Leader and let them know what shows you want to work, but you must also sign up through our website.

What if I do not register anyone to vote?

By Emily Gibbs on

We’re pretty confident that if you try your best and pay attention to the training, you’ll register a few people. Plan for success!

Are you hiring for paid positions?

By Emily Gibbs on

Check our “Jobs & Internships” page to learn more about all volunteer and paid positions within HeadCount. We’re growing fast, so check back from time to time and see what openings we have. In addition to full-time jobs and paid gigs, HeadCount is often seeking new Team Leaders and Regional Coordinators, who are eligible for…

What’s the difference between a volunteer and a “Team Leader” or “Regional Coordinator”?

By Emily Gibbs on

Volunteers, or as we sometimes call them “Field Volunteers,” register voters at concerts but have no responsibility beyond the events they sign up for and work. You can sign up for any shows or create a volunteer profile by visiting Team Leaders and Regional Coordinators have larger responsibilities that involve overseeing and organizing other…