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HeadCount’s Best Year Ever

We are proud to announce that 2012 was HeadCount’s best year ever. We registered 103,340. The total for the two-year election cycle was 111,832.

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HeadCount and Voto Latino register voters at Jaguares

HeadCount and partner Voto Latino are teaming up to register voters at three upcoming Jaguares shows in the next 2 weeks in San Francisco on 9/15, Los Angeles on 9/16 and Chicago on 9/26.

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99Problems Swaps Hip-Hop Mixtape For Census Pledge

“We gotta lotta problems in my hood/ The Man ain’t puttin’ a lotta dollars in my hood,” raps Miss Nana on Numbers Don’t Lie, the excellent hip-hop mix 99Problems.org wants to lay on you in return for a pledge to participate in this year’s census. Like Voto Latino‘s similar deal, 99Problems’ offer attempts to raise…

Voto Latino Exchanges Ozomatli, Pitbull Tracks For Census Pledge

This seems more than fair: If you’re a Latino citizen (and even if you’re not), HeadCount partner Voto Latino would like to share twenty-five free tracks with you in exchange for pledging to participate in the 2010 census. The Latino community has been traditionally undercounted in past censuses, which means political underrepresentation and underfunding of…