Political Issues You Can Dance To

Music and Politics: Third Eye Blind, Ted Nugent, The Smiths and more.

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Super Bowl ads too controversial for TV

Fox Network has rejected several would-be Super Bowl commercials because they were too controversial. Yet, these would-be advertisers are getting plenty of publicity for being kept on the sidelines. Is this a clever marketing stunt?

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Welp, Morrissey is no Mother Theresa

Morrissey might have more animal friends than human at this point in his career. Making a case for animal rights in an interview with the Guardian last week, he classified all Chinese people as a “subspecies.”

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PETA Requests Phish Change Name to ‘Sea Kitten’

. Betting that people would consume fewer fish if they were known by the cuddlier name of “sea kittens,” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has requested that Phish temporarily change its name to Sea Kitten for tonight’s and tomorrow’s shows at Wisconsin’s Alpine Valley Music Theater. “We felt that fish needed an…