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Food & Farm Policy Issue Update: How the Candidates View Food

With the presidential election upon us, we are back with another update on food and farm policy. These issues seem to get cast aside by the mainstream media, so I am here to help you make an informed and educated decision before you head to the polls.

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Michael Pollan is asking Californians to Vote for the Dinner Party

Think food should be the main thing on the political table? Michael Pollan does.

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The Battle over GMO Labeling

Guerilla GMO-labeling, innovative apps to find GMO-free foods and how California is leading the charge to keep consumers in the know about what is, or isn’t, in their food.

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Food & Farm Policy Issue Update: Food Fights

If you look at some recent headlines, you can see that food is a frequent point of contention. Whether it’s Taco Bell, pork production, or genetically engineered alfalfa, opinions differ and billions of dollars are at stake.

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Monsanto Matters

From cereal in your milk to chips with your sandwich, we Americans consume a lot of corn and soy. Eighty percent of soy and seventy percent of corn we grow are genetically modified…