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Occupy vs. Tea Party: By The Numbers

Let’s break down the differences – and similarities – between America’s most popular protest movements.

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Yusuf Islam (Formerly Known as Cat Stevens) Hitting the Late Night Circuit

When Yusuf Islam, known to many as Cat Stevens (his given name is actually Steven Demetre Georgiou, but he changed his name after a conversion to Islam in 1979) will be making the rounds on television this week. For the first time in ages, it will be because of his music. Islam will be performing…

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20/20, John Stossel to Run Hatchet-Piece on HeadCount Fans

Cross-posted from Future Majority. On Friday at 10pm, 20/20 will run a piece on the youth vote called “Maybe It’s Your Civic Duty Not To Vote,” in which they suggest that uninformed voters – primarily young people – not turn out to the polls. In talking to the youth group,HeadCount, featured in the piece, it…