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The RITE To Vote and a “Thank You” to Jack Johnson

On National Voter Registration Day Tuesday, Jack Johnson posted this “Register to Vote” photo on Facebook. It garnered nearly 5,000 likes and dozens of comments, including the one above from the parent of a special needs Jack Johnson fan who just turned 18. We asked her to share her story. My son turned 18 this…

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Announcing the #GoVote Photo Campaign

Get ready. On Election Day, more than 300 entertainers will go on social media and post photos of themselves urging their fans to “#GoVote.”

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HeadCount’s Best Year Ever

We are proud to announce that 2012 was HeadCount’s best year ever. We registered 103,340. The total for the two-year election cycle was 111,832.

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Jack Johnson cuts Japan tour short; donates $50k

Jack Johnson was in the 29th-floor of a hotel room in Osaka, Japan when the earthquake hit. He has since had to postpone his Japanese tour and donated $50,000 to relief efforts.

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Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson, 20 others provide music to Patagonia environmental project

Environmentally-conscious apparel brand Patagonia announced a program today to sell exclusive music by Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson, moe., Umphrey’s McGee and many others, with all proceeds donated to environmental charities of the artists’ choice.

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Sustainability and Climate Change Issue Update: Lawsuits in the Wake of the Oil Spill

The Gulf Coast BP oil leak has been plugged with cement. Is that the end of it? Not exactly…

Ditching Bottled Water with Dave Matthews

Bottled water sure is convenient. But it’s also coming under new scrutiny.  The Story of Stuff created this fascinating video about bottled water that will likely make you think twice about how “smart” that Smartwater is: HeadCount artist Dave Matthews is at the forefront of musicians calling for action on this nation’s overuse of bottled water. DMB has…

HeadCount Food & Farm Policy Issue Update: The Unsettling Truth About Food & Advertising

It’s about time! The media has turned some serious attention on the marketing practices behind so-called “organic” food products. The limited and often inaccurate information available to consumers regarding food makes it difficult to know whether our dollars are supporting the type of industry we can believe in. The biggest shocker came last week when Mother Jones…

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HeadCount Sustainability and Climate Change Update: Signs of Life for Climate Legislation

Some of you have been getting HeadCount’s Sustainability and Climate Change e-newsletter for a while. But for many of you who joined our mailing list when downloading the “Best of Bonnaroo” compilation, this will be the first time. So let me briefly introduce myself: I’m Nicole and every six weeks I’ll hit you with a brief…

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Getting Out The Vote With Jack Johnson

I literally had the time of my life last summer while representing HeadCount on Jack Johnson‘s Sleep Through the Static Tour. In June, fellow HeadCount volunteer Johanna Nuding and I followed the tour around the Upper Midwest and Southeast in a compact car. We ran HeadCount booths at five of Jack’s shows and joined up…

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