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Interview: State Radio’s Chad Stokes Urmston

When State Radio pulls into town for a gig, fans are likely to find bandmembers working in a food bank, protesting in the streets, or doing something equally decent long before the doors open. Dedicated to human rights and common decency, the trio has created a deep bond between political activism and hard-rocking onstage agitprop….

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Interview: Concert Security Pro Marshall Rodriguez Talks About Nitrous Oxide

The battle between concert promoters and the people who sell nitrous oxide balloons has escalated in the last few years to almost an all out war. Standing on the front lines of that battle is Marshall Rodriguez, a fan who launched a security company in 2000 that specializes in festivals and jam band-oriented concert events….

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Interview: John Brown’s Body’s Tommy Benedetti

I had a chance to check out The Black Seeds open for John Brown’s Body last week at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco. (The groups just wrapped up a twelve-city US tour.) Before the show I sat down with John Brown’s Body drummer Tommy Benedetti. He talked about touring with The Black Seeds, the…

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Interview: Vodou Priestess Sallie Glassman

New Orleans vodou priestess Sallie Glassman has been working tirelessly since Hurricane Katrina to ensure that the city’s unique cultural and religious legacies weren’t washed away. On October 30 her New Orleans Hope and Heritage Project presents the Anba Dlo festival, which will rock the burgeoning St. Claude Avenue Arts District. The fest’s main event…

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Interview: Young People First’s Zach Kolodin

Struck by how much lip service was being paid to young voters, yet how little real inclusion in the political process they were offered, Young People First (YPF) executive director Zach Kolodin and co-founder Lauren Smith launched YPF last summer as a way to mobilize the demographic to achieve long-term goals in the areas of…

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Interview: Political Strategist and Obama Campaign Media Adviser John Del Cecato

Ever wonder who actually wrote most of the Obama campaign ads that were filling the airwaves this time last year? It was a thirtysomething Deadhead named John Del Cecato, who managed to mesh gears with his favorite band while also helping get his candidate elected. He was then named one of Politics Magazine’s “Rising Stars”….

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Interview: Paul Diaz Of Tree Sound Studios

The list of clients who’ve recorded at Paul Diaz’s Tree Sound Studios starts with Aerosmith and ends with Usher. In-between are literally hundreds of rock, rap, folk, and r&b acts who’ve availed themselves of this Atlanta facility’s blend of state-of-the-art recording technology and environmentally conscious outlook. In addition to his studio complex, Diaz also oversees…

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Interview: Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco‘s Red Letter Year begins with a psychedelic New Year’s Eve party and ends with one of the loosest and liveliest New Orleans jam sessions you’ll ever hear. In-between, the prolific musician-activist muses on current events, love, insecurity, and her new role as parent amid arguably the most beautiful and sophisticated arrangements of her…

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Interview: Brooklyn Bowl’s Peter Shapiro

Peter Shapiro has been a linchpin of the East Coast live-music scene since 1996, when he purchased Manhattan’s Wetlands Preserve from Larry Bloch. He began producing the Jammy Awards in 2000 and in May led a group of investors in relaunching Relix magazine. During the past few years he produced the films U2 3D, Wetlands…

Interview: Assembly of Dust’s Reid Genauer

As Assembly of Dust founder-songwriter-frontperson Reid Genauer points out in our email exchange below, the band’s new album, Some Assembly Required, is a collection of collaborations that sounds remarkably unforced. Neoclassic rock at its finest, Some Assembly Required finds guest such as Richie Havens, Mike Gordon, Keller Williams, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, etc., etc., adding…

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