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HeadCount’s 10th Birthday Bash

On June 4, 2014, about 800 supporters, benefactors, volunteers, and lovers of great live music celebrated HeadCount’s tenth anniversary with a benefit at the Brooklyn Bowl.

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HeadCount at Ten: 2006 “Midterms Matter” Tour

“You can’t let something this magical die.”

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Volunteer of the Month: Kris Peterson

Check out Kris Peterson, our Volunteer of the Month from Atlanta, Georgia!

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Interview: Al Schnier from moe.

moe. guitarist Al Schnier is a special guest this month on HeadCount’s “HeadLiners” streaming radio show. Read the highlights or listen to the entire show.

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The Bridge Session: Mission Accomplished

A HeadCount staffer reflects on The Bridge Session and the magic that can happen when people work together, for a common goal.

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HeadCount’s Fan DNA Project Reveals Political Differences & Similarities of Music Fans

Concerts are often a place where musicians and organizations try to raise political awareness. But are crowds tuned in? Are they listening when artists call on them to take action? Do they generally agree on hot button issues, or are they as divided as the rest of the country?

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Volunteer of the Month: Charlie Blatt

Sayin’ thanks to HeadCount’s Volunteer of the Month, Charlie Blatt!

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New Friendships and New Beginnings at HeadCount’s Field and Festival Committee Retreat

HeadCount recently held its first ever leadership retreat for members of its “Field and Festival Committee.” A dozen volunteers who had spent the last few months planning HeadCount’s future via conference call got together – for the first time – in person.

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Everyone Missed the Mark with Young Voters

Young voters still supported Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections, but overall youth voter turnout was down. This points to the fact that Democrats, Republicans and nonpartisan organizations like HeadCount all must get more creative to truly engage the youth vote.

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An epic summer (as an intern!)

A University of Texas student describes his experience as a HeadCount summer intern.

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