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Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: The Flood Waters Have Finally Receded… Or Have They?

Flooding in the Gulf Coast has led to devastation on land and dead zones at sea. The region can’t seem to catch a break. That and more, like Brett Dennen’s role in recovery, in this month’s issue update.

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Sustainability & Climate Change Update: Fallout From Japan, Marijuana Growing and the Budget

Despite this year’s nuclear disaster and last year’s oil spill, Pearl Jam and Earth Hour are doing their part to better the environment. All that and more.

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The Gulf Oil Spill is Your Fault, and Mine

Through detailed investigation and heartbreaking images and stories, Dr. Carl Safina answers the questions: “what does the Gulf oil disaster really mean and why did it happen?”

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Put A Lid On It: Patching the Earth’s Wound at 5000 Feet

The Gulf Coast oil spill presents a wide array of problems, none more urgent than figuring out how to immediately contain the leak. The project is an engineer’s wet dream, (no pun intended.) They’ve created an “Oil containment dome” that is ready to be placed atop the sunken Deepwater Horizon rig that continues to spew…