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Interview: ‘Headz’ Author J. J. Colagrande

Have you ever been to a music festival, looked around, and thought, “I could write a book about this”? Well, a few months ago I noticed a post on my friend’s Facebook wall with a link to a novel called Headz and realized someone had beat us to the punch. Headz features characters you may…

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Interview: Bob Weir Part 2 – Analog Vs. Digital Music

“I may sound like a serious crank here, but I don’t think music means as much to people as when they were listening to analog music….Your body resists digital musical.” Bob Weir – of the Grateful Dead, RatDog, and, most recently, Furthur – sits on HeadCount’s board of directors and has long been a vigorous…

Interview: Bob Weir Part 1 – On HeadCount, Voting, And Grateful Dead Politics

Bob Weir – of the Grateful Dead, RatDog, and, most recently, Furthur – sits on HeadCount’s board of directors and has long been a vigorous advocate of voter registration and participatory democracy. Last fall, during RatDog’s four-night run at Manhattan’s historic Beacon Theater, Bob sat down with Rolling Stone‘s David Fricke to discuss HeadCount, politics…

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Interview: Marc Brownstein On Bisco Power

HeadCount co-founder Marc Brownstein, the bubbling bass man with The Disco Biscuits, is on a roll. On March 16, the Biscuits release Planet Anthem, an ambitious left turn of an album full of ambitious pop experiments. The album is already causing a ruckus among fans, who’ve been hearing some of the new material on tour….

Phil Lesh Turning 70, Benefiting Haiti

Look out of any window, any morning, any day, and the likelihood of seeing a 70-year-old rock star still going strong are slim to none. Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh is about to change all that. Phil will celebrate his 70th birthday with Furthur & Friends at the Bill Graham Civic Center in San Francisco…

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Tapers Never Die

You kids have absolutely no idea how easy you’ve got it. When I was a lad hungry for live Grateful Dead tapes, gluttons like myself were often forced to interact with total strangers via snail mail, sending blank cassettes and return postage in order to score sketchy dupes of dupes of analog dupes. And we…

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Interview: Steve Martocci On Rewarding Fans, Activists

If you put yourself out there for a band or a cause, you should get something for it. And Steve Martocci has the technology to make that happen. The Sympact CEO has developed personalized email platforms that will allow bands – and nonprofit organizations – the ability to identify and reward their most faithful and…

Interview: Bruce Hornsby Rises Again

Pianist-bandleader Bruce Hornsby is the only Grammy-winning pop musician to also serve as the Grateful Dead’s utility keyboardist. Hornsby’s last few albums testify to his relentless musical exploration and comfort-zone avoidance. In 2007 he released Camp Meeting with jazz drummer Jack Dejohnette and bassist Christian McBride. Last year he released Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby…

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RatDog, The President, And The Party

There’s an old bumper sticker that says, “Who are the Grateful Dead and why do they keep following me?”  Someone should stick one on the presidential motorcade, because it seems that Barack Obama and Bob Weir are constantly under the same roof. Bob has visited the White House twice this year, played the inauguration, and…

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Empire State Building Tie-Dyes One On

  Last night, as promised, the Empire State Building donned a patchouli-scented tie-dye T-shirt it bought outside Madison Square Garden on 9/10/91.                    

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