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Election Day 2017 Was Big for HeadCount + Voter Turnout

Yesterday was a big day for HeadCount and America. Voter turnout was its highest in years for the Virginia governor’s election, with increases among BOTH Republican and Democratic voters. Nearly half of all eligible voters (47%) turned out, which is unusual for a so-called “off-year” election. HeadCount’s #VoteLocal campaignreached a climax with more than 85…

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On The Road with HeadCount and Magic Hat’s Participation Tour

It was 4 a.m. when Jane and I hit the road in NYC for HeadCount and Magic Hat’s Participation Tour. Not only had we each gotten less than four hours of sleep that night, we were both still recovering from the chaotic post-Hurricane Sandy week behind us. Still, we weren’t tired. Who couldn’t be excited…

Election Day 2011: Tuesday, November 8

Tomorrow, (Tuesday, November 8) is Election Day. Local and state-wide elections will be held all across America. Here’s the lowdown on some of the most notable.

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Don’t Forget To Vote Today

There’s probably an election going on in your state today. Take advantage of it. (photo by Just Us 3)