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Is Ted Cruz the new top dog? Did Paris Accords go far enough?

Every week in 2016, HeadCount will throw a short update your way on the Presidential campaign named “The Road to 2016.” Here’s the second installment: Republicans: Ted Cruz has had a week most of us would envy. Despite the release of this awkward piece about Cruz and his family, the Texas Senator has thoroughly overtaken Donald Trump…

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Was That A Cardboard Cup in Hillary’s Campaign Video?

If you googled ‘Climate Change’ on Monday afternoon, like I did, the first article that popped up had a headline reading: “This Is The Most Important Tweet About Hillary’s Announcement And Everyone Pretty Much Ignored It” That tweet by John Podesta, the chairman of Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, is important because it articulates the campaign’s dedication…

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After 8 Years, Live Earth is Coming Back

Pharrell Williams and Al Gore have announced worldwide Live Earth event happening June 15th. This will be the second Live Earth event since 2007.

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Greenpeace Activists Sitting in a Russian Jail for Trying to Hang a Sign

Last month, 30 members of a Greenpeace activist crew were arrested by the Russian Coast Guard after trying to stage a protest against the first-ever oil drilling in the Arctic. They’ve been sitting in a Russian jail ever since.

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Remember Climate Change?

“Climate Change” was not mentioned one single time in the Presidential Debates. Neither was “global warming.” Out of about four and a half hours and roughly 50,000 words, neither of those terms appeared even once. Yep, “Big Bird” was mentioned more than climate change.

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Sustainability & Climate Change Issue Update: The GOP, Sustainability and Climate Change

Coming into Iowa, candidates stumped on a range of issues, including sustainability and climate change. Here’s where the 2012 hopefuls stand on the issue.

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Democrats are Chicken on Climate Change

Democrats unwillingness to take on a Republican filibuster doomed the climate bill, and could doom the planet.

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Climate Change Movement Digs Self Out Of Snow

When a pair of snowstorms pounded Washington DC, climate-change skeptics were quick to call for an end to any discussion of global warming or climate-related legislation. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) tweeted, “It’s going to keep snowing until Al Gore cries uncle,” and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin called global warming “snake oil science.” It’s left…

Making Our Voice Heard On Climate Change

The following was written for The Huffington Post: Nearly a year and a half ago, a record number of young voters turned out for the presidential election. Since then, civic-engagement organizations such as HeadCount have been fighting a sometimes difficult battle to keep young people excited about political participation. It isn’t easy. The paralysis in…

Community Question: Solutions on Climate Change

Last fall, we had a poll measuring how many of you had health insurance and where you got it. About 35% of you said you were without insurance, and it kicked off a great stream of comments posted online. We’re now going to start asking a new question every few weeks. We invite you to…

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