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HeadCount at Ten: 2010, Getting Creative for the Midterms

In 2010, HeadCount installed solar panels on the roof of a school with The Disco Biscuits, released an 18-track “Best of Bonnaroo” compilation, produced a television commercial with Jay-Z, and had Bob Weir personally call hundreds of fans before the midterm elections.

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Biscuits Talk BPM on NPR

The Disco Biscuits appeared on NPR’s “World Café” to discuss their new album “Planet Anthem” and Bisco Power Mission, a recent collaboration with HeadCount to raise money for the purchase of solar panels at a Philadelphia public school. The 20-minute interview, syndicated to NPR affiliates nationally, can be heard here. In it, HeadCount co-chair and…

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Interview: Marc Brownstein On Bisco Power

HeadCount co-founder Marc Brownstein, the bubbling bass man with The Disco Biscuits, is on a roll. On March 16, the Biscuits release Planet Anthem, an ambitious left turn of an album full of ambitious pop experiments. The album is already causing a ruckus among fans, who’ve been hearing some of the new material on tour….

Bisco Power Mission Takes HeadCount To New Places

Dating back to HeadCount’s 2004 launch, we viewed the organization’s ultimate purpose as stretching well beyond voter registration. Our very first action plan called for HeadCount to serve as a “grassroots organizing arm of the live music community.” Our purpose, in the broadest sense, was to foster civic participation among fans of live music and…