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Greenpeace Activists Sitting in a Russian Jail for Trying to Hang a Sign

Last month, 30 members of a Greenpeace activist crew were arrested by the Russian Coast Guard after trying to stage a protest against the first-ever oil drilling in the Arctic. They’ve been sitting in a Russian jail ever since.

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Mercedes Sosa 1935-2009

In 1979, Mercedes Sosa was arrested onstage and subsequently deported by Jorge Videla’s military junta. She was that kind of folksinger, an avowed Communist and a star of the “nueva canción” (new song) movement of politicized folk music that developed in Latin America during the 1950s and ’60s. Dubbed La Negra due to her dark…

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Argentina Decriminalizes Marijuana

Argentina’s supreme court ruled unanimously on Tuesday that punishing adults for personal marijuana use is unconstitutional. The decision is grounded in common sense. What you put into your body is your business as long as you don’t infringe upon the safety and rights of others. The Argentine court ruled that: “Each adult is free to…