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Apple, the FBI, and Music: An Interview With TechFreedom’s Evan Swarztrauber

Thanks to a public letter this week from Apple CEO Tim Cook to the FBI, the question of how much ‘Silicon Valley’ should cooperate with law enforcement agencies has migrated from the wonky tech world to mainstream news and water-cooler discussions. To learn more about issues of encryption and Tim Cook’s letter we sat down…

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Music Industry Makes More Money For First Time Since 1999

Spotify, Rdio and iTunes, oh my! Music industry make money for the first time in over a decade.

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“This Is A Subliminal Message…” Is Not A Subliminal Message

Apple hates subliminal content SO much they’ll remove some albums… sometimes… when they feel like it.

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Human Rights Issue Update: YouTube – Not iPads – Human Rights Saviour

From uprising in the Middle East to concerts here in the U.S., from iPads to the Navy, here’s some of the latest on Human Rights.

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Apple Rejects Single-Payer iPhone App

A free iPhone application – iSinglepayer – that compares the cost of health care around the world, documents insufficiencies in the U.S. health care system, uses the phone’s GPS to determine users’ local congresspersons, and displays how much each member of congress has received from the health sector was rejected by Apple on the grounds…

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Happy Birthday Apple App Store

The Apple App Store celebrates its first birthday this week by gathering some of its favorite games and apps on iTunes. Among the top of the list are apps for Pandora Radio and the Midomi Music Identifier and Search, both clutch for music fans. The store’s official launch date was July 11, 2008 following some…