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How & Where to Vote

Find out where to vote, how to vote, how to vote early, and how to vote by mail.

Register to Vote

Register to vote in Utah, or learn more about voter ID & rights.

Election Details

Visit the Utah election website or call (801) 538-1041 to learn more about your states voting details.

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Important Dates - State Primary

State Primary Election Day
State Primary Registration Deadline (by mail)
State Primary In-person deadline
State Primary Online Deadline
State Primary Type (D)
State Primary Type (R)

Voting Information for Utah

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Utah is a vote-by-mail state and will hold its state primary on Jun. 30th. As long as your state issued ID or registration form lists your current address you will receive a ballot. If you have moved or are new to Utah, please update your information by registering to vote by Jun. 19th.

Presidential Primaries

Only registered voters affiliated with the Republican Party may vote in its caucus. All voters, regarless of affiliation, may vote in Democratic primary. See Utah Republican Party or Democratic Party sites for more details, including caucus locations.

Statewide Primaries

Some congressional seats, state offices and constitutional amendments may be included on the ballot.

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Early Voting + Absentee Voting

Early Voting Dates: Jun. 16th to Jun. 26th

You can vote in-person at any early voting location in your county before the election. See your county clerk’s office for exact dates. No excuse required.

All registered voters in Utah receive a vote-by-mail ballot. No excuse required.

If you will not be at your residence and would like to have you ballot mailed to a different address, you’ll need to apply for an absentee ballot (click here) by Jun. 23rd. Be sure to mail ballot in a timely manner so that it can be received by election day.

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Voter ID + Eligibility for Utah

Do Voters Need ID?

  • Yes, voters need an ID
  • State or federal photo ID is required
  • First time voters need ID
  • Student IDs accepted

Voter Rights

Find out more about your rights in Utah.


  • The pre-registration age is 16
  • You can vote at age 17 in primary elections if you're 18 by the general election
Youth participation is affected by changing state legislation or party rules. If we are not up to date please let us know.