Save the Vote!

Every state across the country has its own voting laws – and, in almost every state, some sort of legislation has passed that changes the way elections take place.

Some states have new laws aimed at helping more people vote, while in other states, election laws have changed in ways that might make voting more difficult. It’s important that your elected officials know you are paying attention and care about this issue. Together, we can Save The Vote!

Your Voice Matters

We’ll help you send a message to your lawmakers. First, enter your info and we’ll connect you with your elected officials. Then, tell your story in your own words. Remember, they work for you!


LGBTQIA+ and Voting Rights
LGBTQIA+ and Voting Rights
Racism and Discrimination
Racism, Discrimination and Voting Rights
Criminal Justice and Voting Rights
Criminal Justice and Voting Rights
Jobs, the Economy and Voting Rights
Jobs, The Economy and Voting Rights