Town Hall Turmoil

Corporate-funded "tea-party" birther types (a Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll shows that 58% of all Republicans are either don't believe Obama was born in the USA or are undecided on the issue) have codified their intent to disrupt this month's nationwide town-hall events focusing on health-insurance reform – as when the woman locally known as "Crazy Eileen" disrupted Delaware Representative Mike Castle's town hall meeting last month by waving her bagged birth certificate. Talking Points Memo has published a best-practices memo detailing ways to disrupt town-hall meetings here. According to TPM's Josh Marshall:

It now seems clear that 'tea party' movement types, organized by highly-funded corporate backed outfits like "Freedom Works" are putting together a plan to disrupt and shut down as many town hall events as possible. That's entirely different from making sure you've got a lot of activists at events with t-shirts or protesting with pickets outside the venue or making sure one of your activists gets to ask a question.

This amounts to a sort of civic vigilanteism.

Last night, Jon Stewart sketched out another method in which anti-reform talking points are disseminated among disinformed town-hall disruptoids:

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