The Battle over GMO Labeling

In the past, I've questioned whether the issue of labeling foods that may contain Genetically Modified Organisms gets as much attention as it deserves, but now the issue is in the spotlight.

A recent New York Times article, 'Battle Brewing Over Labeling of Genetically Modified Food,' delves into the GMO labeling madness that is being taken to the supermarket aisles, literally. Pro-labeler, Cynthia LaPier has taken her battle to the supermarket aisles guerrilla warfare style: putting her own 'Warning, may contain GMO's' label on boxes of food products such as Kellogg's Corn Flakes.

Not all pro-labelers go to the same extremes as Cynthia, but their message is being heard. The Times article points out that, "Labeling bills have been proposed in more than a dozen states over the last year, and an appeal to the Food and Drug Administration last fall to mandate labels nationally drew more than a million signatures."

There are other initiatives to confront the issue, such as the ShopNoGMO smart phone application, which can help you avoid products containing GMOs as you're shopping. See more about the neat app in the video below.

However, the leader in the fight against the anti-GMO labeling agribusiness giants, such as, Monsanto, happens to be... California? Yes, the state of California will vote this fall on a ballot initiative that will determine whether all food products in the state will be labeled as containing, or not containing, GMOs. If passed, the state law stands a good chance of influencing what consumers across the nation see on their food labels.