Take Your Shoes Off. Now.

Are you wearing shoes? Well take them off!

Today, TOMS Shoes is challenging everyone take off their shoes to raise awareness for millions of children across the world who go without shoes every day.

The One Day Without Shoes website says that by taking off your shoes, you’ll start a conversation, which will lead to action, which will lead to change.

“Shoes,” they say, “can help protect against injury, and in combination with basic hygiene and sanitation, help prevent disease and soil-transmitted infections.” And without shoes, kids aren’t allowed to attend school. Interestingly enough, despite the event being headed up by a shoe company that would normally be asking you to put on a pair of their shoes, the only action they’re asking you to do is remove them.

However TOMS is not your average shoe company. While they do turn a profit like everyone else, TOMS also donates a pair of shoes to a child in need every time one of their products is sold. By getting people across the country to go a day without shoes, TOMS hopes to bring attention to a problem that many people don't even realize exists.