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Rage against Arizona by rocking LA

Rage Against The Machine is playing their first LA show in over 10 years. What did it take? SB1070, (a.k.a. Arizona's controversial Immigration bill.) That's what. The concert, to be held at the Hollywood Palladium on July 23rd will benefit The Florence Project and Puente, Arizona; two nonprofit groups fighting the bill.

As we previously mentioned, The Sound Strike was formed by Rage front-man Zach De La Rocha and other musicians to boycott playing shows in Arizona because of the recent immigration bill. According to a press release on their website, the show will raise over $300,000.

The show falls in a week of action fighting against the bill being coordinated by Alto Arizona including a 100,000 person march and a "Don't Work, Don't Buy, Don't Comply, Action!" day on July 29.

There are only a handful of bands that can portray the frustration and anger people are feeling about this new bill properly on stage, and I don't think anybody could do it as well as Rage. They have always been a politically minded band, usually hating something about the US and not afraid to show it. My only beef is that they disappeared from 2000-2007 when American dissenters could have used their support the most.

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