Political Issues You Can Dance To

This week Mother Jones published a blog featuring a classic pairing: music and politics. This list of tracks has a little something for folks of all political persuasions.

Who knew? 90's rocker Stephan Jenkins or Third Eye Blind apparently has a song that praises the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Ted Nugent's "I Am the NRA" is a song that seems like it could get anyone fired up about their right to bare arms. And Aimee Allen really likes Ron Paul (Video below.)

Would you rather see your friends enjoy a delightful tofu veggie burger rather than a big heaping pile of meat? Try blasting The Smiths depressingly catchy, PETA-approved tune “Meat is Murder” next time you see them scarfing down a big juicy burger. Who knows, they just might lose their appetite.

No matter what they stand for, it's cool to see artists using their celebrity to draw attention to causes they care about. (Like not vaccinating your kids, the dangers of nuclear energy and drilling!)