Paul McCartney Family Advocates Meatless Mondays

fam Tired: Fish on Fridays. Wired: Meatless Mondays.

Today noted vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney, along with his daughters Stella and Mary, launched a new Meat Free Monday campaign to extol the environmental, health, political, socioeconomic, and spiritual virtues of reducing our collective intake of bird, fish, and animal flesh. The livestock industry is reportedly responsible for between 13.5 and 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, meat eaters consume a disproportionate amount of the world's available nutrients, and, as anyone who's seen the incredibly icky yet informative new film, Food, Inc., can attest, animal slaughter is karmically negative to the max.

The McCartneys aren't asking that you give up animal flesh entirely; only that you reduce it by 18 percent or so. They've even posted some of the late Linda McCartney's recipes with poignant YouTube links showing her whipping stuff up in the kitchen. And her meatless Bolognese sauce does look mighty tasty.

via The Daily Table