Nathan Moore Webcast to Support Community Garden and HeadCount

Singer/Songwriter Nathan Moore (Surprise Me Mr. Davis, ThaMuseMent) has been traveling the country for the past month webcasting his experience 24/7 and picking up gigs along the way from the people watching. The project, called “Hippy Fiasco,” is best described by the artist himself:

"Hippy Fiasco is an entire new way of touring where lovers of song and abandon tell us where to play as we go. Most ‘Fiascos’ are held in people's homes, backyards, public meeting places or other unexpected venues."

Tonight, the Hippy Fiasco tour takes a pause in Nathan's hometown of Staunton, VA, bringing together a multitude of friends for an amazing local cause, the Staunton Community Garden.

Tune in to tonight from 9-11 PM ET to enjoy a very special musical collaboration and consider donating to the cause. Donations made via will be equally support the Staunton Community Garden and HeadCount, which is sponsoring and publicizing this special event.