International Steps to Promote Green Initiatives

Developing countries have asked that the US "show leadership on climate," as reported by the BBC. With an US-Mexico announcement regarding climate changes, our country is finally living up to international expectations.  

The EPA released a statement today that confirms the harmful effects of carbon dioxide and 5 other greenhouse gases on public health or welfare. The scientific findings call for a response that is in accordance with Obama's, "call for a low carbon economy and strong leadership in Congress on clean energy and climate legislation." 

Just yesterday, the White House blog reported details on a visit to Mexico where, among other things, Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon announced the "US-Mexico Bi-Lateral Framework on Clean Energy and Climate Change." Specific areas of cooperation focus on information exchange between bordering states and nations regarding greenhouse gas inventories, reduction strategies, renewable energy resources and clean energy technologies.

We are finally stretching from complacency in what we know (Energy resources AND information resources). Lets hear it for a world community working together.