Intentions Clear


Health food could potentially reach new heights of popularity with an everyday tool some companies currently use: positive intentions. Organic and fair trade products have definitely been making a strong presence in recent years, but some companies go one step further. They use music, prayer, words, and symbols as a means to connect positive and healing thoughts to their foods and beverages. What could be more wholesome than added spiritual value?

One example that hits home for me is Intentional Chocolate, which is blessed by monks. "My intent," states ompany's founder Jim Walsh, "is "to reintroduce the ancient wisdom of embedding conscious intention and love into food." This company also shares half of its profits with organizations aimed at benefiting humankind. (Intentional Chocolate also gives away one thousand free samples each week via its site!)

Whether or not you believe the findings of intentionalist studies such as those conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, positive intentions toward food are fairly common. Just consider how many people pray before meals or envision strong growth while watering the garden. Who isn't thankful for the food being provided to nourish your body? And while companies instilling products with love and prayer is a great idea, we can do it ourselves with a little common mindfulness. Let’s take all the positive vibes we can get!