Holding Lady Liberty’s Hand – A Poem for Voting

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By Paul Lee


You would think that holding Lady Liberty’s hand

Would be like holding a hand of stone.

A hand warmed only by the tears from her motherly eyes.


When I asked to hold Lady Liberty’s hand

She said in a soft voice that only thought could hear:

Tell me that these are times for love.


When I asked to hold your hand you said:

No. These are not times for love or for babies.

These are times when tides and tears overflow.


Then I said: there were better times when

We had jfk and rfk and mlk.

Before they were struck down, they taught us

To dream big and dream of babies.


Lady Liberty danced with our past heros, who built

Our foundation with stone and words. Now, she is a widow

And she dreams with us, her children,

As we repair those stones and remember those words.


She no longer waits for a hero. But she waits for us

To learn from the past and make the future

In our own image

With our dreams and with our votes.


© 2018 by Paul Lee