Can a 22-year Old Orthodox Jew Be Sexy and A Senator?

She calls herself “The 21st District Diva.”  Mindy Meyer, a 22 year old woman from Brooklyn is running for the 21st seat in the State Senate. Inspired by the character “Elle Woods” from the movie Legally Blonde, Meyer has dedicated herself to becoming a serious contender in the race for state senate - while bringing a little feminine flair to the campaign.

The Orthodox Jewish law student is running as a Republican against seasoned state senator Kevin Parker and already has some serious political supporters. Jerry Kassar, the chairman of the Brooklyn conservative party, has publicly stated that he supports the young candidate. “We endorsed her. We filed her petitions on the conservative party line and we anticipate her being a strong candidate.”

Although Meyer’s methods are nontraditional to say the least, she sure knows how to gain some publicity! Dubbed “The Magenta Yenta” by the media, her website is anything but ordinary. When you visit her campaign website, you’re greeted by hot pink and leopard print. The LMFAO song “I'm sexy and I know it” plays in the background and under her name reads the slogan “I'm senator and I know it.”

At HeadCount, we're all about young people going out and getting involved in politics. Meyer seems to be taking that one step further, “I’m trying to attract a young crowd and recruit more young people. People in politics are out of touch with the younger generation, who are not voting, are not registered.” Whatever the outcome of the election may be, perhaps Mindy Meyer will inspire some young people out there to get their voices heard.