Biscuits Talk BPM on NPR

The Disco Biscuits appeared on NPR’s "World Café" to discuss their new album “Planet Anthem” and Bisco Power Mission, a recent collaboration with HeadCount to raise money for the purchase of solar panels at a Philadelphia public school. The 20-minute interview, syndicated to NPR affiliates nationally, can be heard here.

In it, HeadCount co-chair and Disco Biscuits bass player Marc Brownstein talks about how Bisco Power Mission came to be and how the Albert M. Greenfield Elementary School in Philadelphia was selected as the recipient for the BPM grant.

Brownstein explained, “After the election, [Headcount] started to approach all the different bands [they] worked with to get at what was the issue that would get that band excited. For the Disco Biscuits we chose sustainability.”

Interviewer David Dye did a notably fine job of asking intelligent questions that indicated a solid understanding of the Biscuits' music and how it has evolved over the years. At one point the conversation delves into how the band has broken with past tradition and begun to use samplers on stage.

This, the band explained, has been made possible by computer technology advancing to the point where they can improvise to recorded samples that can speed up or slow down to match the tempo being set on stage by the band.

“We’ve gotten them to rock 'n' roll with us,” said guitarist Jon Gutwillig of their inanimate friends.