Barney Frank Gets Frank

The above video shows a woman comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler at a town hall meeting. She is one of many supporters of Lyndon LaRouche who commonly believe, among other things, that MySpace and Facebook and videogames should be banned, Obama's health care plan is a Nazi policy, we still need to fight the British Empire and also wage a campaign against "green fascism".

Oh those wacky LaRouchians. I had my first encounter with LaRouche supporters after they had to be removed from a discussion on Latin American Drug Policy led by Ethan Nadelmann at the University of California-Berkeley just a few months ago. They just kept standing up and yelling during the discussion. It was interesting.

Just to put it out there. I'm all for people criticizing policies being proposed by our leaders. But I'm just having some trouble believing the whole Obama = Hitler thing. Maybe I'm wrong. I hope I'm not.