Apple Rejects Single-Payer iPhone App

img_0294A free iPhone application – iSinglepayer – that compares the cost of health care around the world, documents insufficiencies in the U.S. health care system, uses the phone's GPS to determine users' local congresspersons, and displays how much each member of congress has received from the health sector was rejected by Apple on the grounds that it is "politically charged."

Wired reports that Red Daly, a 22 year-old computer science graduate student at Stanford, was informed of his rejection more than a month after submitting his advertising-free app.

“I went to the app store because I felt like I didn’t have much of a voice in other spheres,” Daly told Wired. “When the mainstream media talks about single payer, they emphasize the negatives and this was my foray into the debate. It seemed like this would be the most effective way to reach people, since it is a phone and people can call right from it.”

Daly is looking for health-advocacy group or some other sponsor to help him get the app published.