Complete, interactive, easy-to-access info on your representatives and the issues you care most about
Free campaign tool for tweeting at Congress, brought to you by HeadCount
"The Netflix of Voting" sends notifications about elections and can get you registered to vote
Create a thunderclap campaign to amplify your voice on social media around issues you care about
A nonpartisan nonprofit that uses technology to make government more accountable to all
Partners with election boards, campaign managers, user experience architects, graphic designers, and application developers to create tech to assist voters
This free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox shows any politician's campaign contribution sources when you hover your mouse over his or her name, on any website
Brings nationwide voting information to the Web
Info about voting, working at the polls on election day, dates and deadlines, and more
Details on election law, races and ballot measures, campaign finance, and how-tos on citizen legislative action are all here
Learn more about the voting process and elections in general
Constructs studies of voter habits and turnout, and reports on the results
Leading source of information and research on young voters
Born out of the health care debate, YI issues reports and resources for young people
Look up information about all contests and candidates on your ballot
Info on your representatives, including biographies, voting records, issue positions, and campaign contributions
Committed to solving the world's problems through the power of knowledge, Pew is a force behind many intitiatives to better inform voters
Learn the status of legal battles around voting access
Analysis of women's voting behavior
Legal organization focused on racial justice with one of the best voter information resources on the Web and the toll free number 1-866-OUR-VOTE
A group that works from the legal perspective to protect voting rights
Think tank working to counter the power of special interests by empowering voters and small donors
Works on an array of voting-related issues including the fight to strengthen the Voting Rights Act
Info on how voting processes and counting work by state in order to make sure that every vote gets counted
Advocates for the rights of prisoners, with a focus on voting rights
A relatively young civic rights organization focusing on voting rights, with an emphasis on people of color
Advocates for tougher voting laws and exposing voter fraud
Works to protect and expand the right to vote
Art that inspires voting
Voter is Tinder for politics. Swipe on major political issues to find out which candidates support the same things you do, and have a track record to back it up.