State Supreme Court

By Staff Sympatico on December 19, 2023

The state supreme court is the highest court in each state. It’s similar to the Supreme Court of the United States but focuses on cases that deal with their specific state’s laws and issues. The state supreme court helps make important decisions about the laws in that state. Members of the state supreme court are…

State Representative

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The state house of representatives is a chamber of the states legislative body, that has very similar roles to the federal house, just at a state level. Their roles include writing legislation, budgeting, oversight of the executive branch, redistricting, pursuing impeachment when necessary and representing constituents through the legislation they pass.

State Senator

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The state senate is a chamber of the state’s legislative body that has similar roles to the federal senate, but at a state level. Their roles include passing legislation, ratifying treaties, confirming judicial appointments, and representing their constituents through the legislation they pass.

Agriculture Commissioner

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Agricultural commissioners oversee and regulate the agriculture industry within their state. They have a direct impact on the safety, sustainability, and growth of agriculture. They oversee food safety and inspection, provide support to farms and ranches, allocate resources such as water and grants, and set norms around environmental conservation and pest control.

State Auditor

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State auditors make sure that government agencies and anyone that receives state funds are using their money properly, legally, and what it is allocated for. Their work is important as they can assist offices in how to use their money responsibly, and allows them to detect the possibility of fraud if something unusual presents itself…

State Attorney General

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A state’s attorney general is the top legal officer and prosecutor for the state government. They provide legal advice to state agencies, representing the state in legal matters, and overseeing criminal prosecutions. The attorney general is important in upholding and enforcing state laws, protecting consumers, and ensuring the overall legal well-being of the state.

Secretary of State

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The duties and functions of the Secretary of State are diverse and wide ranging, but most importantly include interpreting state election laws and overseeing how elections are run in a state! They work with counties to make critical decisions such as how people can register to vote in their state, how many polling places are…

Lieutenant Governor

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The lieutenant governor most often operates in a role that is similar to the Vice President at the federal level. They often step in as acting governor when the governor is absent or unable to fulfill their duties, while assisting the governor in advancing their legislative goals and acting as an ambassador for the state….


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The governor is elected to represent voters and make important decisions as the government’s leader on the state level. They can approve or veto bills once they are passed by the state’s congress. Governors also work closely with various departments of their government on issues such as education, healthcare, and transportation to make their state…